About Your Personal France
Photo thanks David Remazeilles Gironde Tourisme

Your Personal France is a niche tour operator with Penny Walker at the helm.

I have 20 years experience of working in the French holiday business and am a bilingual francophile. I live in the French Pyrenees and have a deep passion for this rich and varied country. It’s this passion that you will find in the custom trips and bespoke itineraries that I create through Your Personal France.

I want you to experience France as a traveller and not simply as a fly-by-night tourist. I want you to meet the real people that make the country go round, to understand what makes France the great country that it is and to have  experiences that will leave a lasting impression.

The carefully selected guides that I have chosen to work with have been thoroughly researched so that I can be sure of the quality of the experience they will provide. Through them I will introduce you, the independent traveller, to the less frequented hidden gems of la France profonde. These are the places where you will get a real flavour of why France has secured such a special place in my heart.

Entrust me and my team with your holiday planning and we will craft a personalised itinerary according to your interests, ensuring that your precious holiday time is filled with amazing experiences.

All you’ll need to do is get to France and then relax and enjoy an experience of a lifetime.