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If you’re considering a trip to France, maybe a once-in-a-lifetime dream trip to celebrate your retirement, an anniversary or some other significant life event, then you’ve come to the right place.

If you’re a time-challenged, non French-speaking independent traveller who’s seeking a unique and fulfilling trip to France, you can count on our 20+ years of expertise to create a trip that will leave you with that ‘Wow!’ feeling.

Here’s how we’ll do it

  • Have an initial video call consultation to pin down your requirements (interests, budget, travel etc)
  • Book accommodation on your behalf
  • Make restaurant suggestions and reservations
  • Book tours, visits and guides so you can get to the heart of local life
  • Advise on the hidden gems off the beaten tourist path
  • Create your own personal itinerary taking into account your interests and pace you require
  • Provide essential country information including general opening hours and cultural tips
  • Be available via live chat or video call to provide advice and assistance while you’re on your holiday

Please note that we’re not a travel agent with a list of hotels on our books. Instead, we seek out the finest accommodation in France based on criteria such as your budget, location and proximity to sights and activities that you’d like to do on your trip to France.

You can be sure that charm and character as well as facilities and situation are all taken into account.

Once we have put all of the arrangements in place you will pay the accommodation and experience providers directly.

What you need to do

We’ll need to collect some basic information from you through the form below;

  • The length of your proposed stay in France
  • Which of your passions you wish to indulge – food, wine, culture, sport
  • How much driving you want to do
  • What kind of holiday you’re looking for – rural, town-based, fast-paced or slow…
  • What type of accommodation you’d prefer – luxury or mid range hotel or guest house
  • Your budget

We’ll then arrange a suitable time to have a chat to pin down the nitty gritty detail that we’ll need to start planning your trip.

Once you’re happy with the outline itinerary and we’ve received your initial deposit we’ll get to work firming up the arrangements with the various providers and give you information on how to make payment to the directly.

What it will cost

Each itinerary is different and the cost will depend on the amount of organisation you would like us to do to create your dream trip.

For this reason we don’t have fixed prices and will provide an individual quote for each stay.

Let’s go!

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