Burgundy Wellbeing & History

4 Days

Burgundy is renowned for its vineyards and world class wine. But as you’ll discover on this outline itinerary for a wellbeing break in Burgundy France, grapes have some other rather surprising uses, as do several other soft fruits that are produced in the area.

Burgundy is also an area of France that is rich in history and culture with some beautiful Medieval architecture, historic priories and old hilltop bastide villages that we’d love for you to discover.

This outline itinerary for a history and wellbeing break will give you the opportunity to explore both the unusual wellbeing options and also the interesting historical sights in Burgundy.


Grapes are rich in polyphenols, antioxidants and anti-radicals and their molecular structure is an extraordinary ingredient for many aspects of skin care.

The unusual wellbeing treatments on this break include a session of vinotherapy which you have probably never heard of. At an unusual spa facility Beaune you’ll be immersed in a bath created from an old wine barrel in which red grape juice is heated to 37°C. After a 20 minute session you will be left feeling thoroughly revived.

Other options include a ‘1er cru vintage’ 45 minute massage in which you’re massaged from your neck to your feet with virgin cold-pressed grape-seed oil and other essential oils.

Finish off your wellbeing visit with a session in the hammam or jacuzzi followed by a bite to eat prepared by a chef from the famed Pommard vineyard estate. Wine tastings can also be arranged.


Other fruits are also used in spa wellbeing treatments in Burgundy. Fruititherapy is a thing and is being pioneered by a fabulous spa chateau hotel in the heart of the Côte d’Or vineyards.

Locally grown, organic berries and currants possess excellent anti-oxidant properties and are rich in minerals and vitamins. The spa have created their own range of products which combine the freshest of fruits with honey and grapeseed oil which is rich in Omega 6.

These 100% natural products are used to treat skin conditions of all kinds, with each treatment being specially adapted to the individual’s skin. After your session, enjoy a session in the sauna, hammam or jacuzzi or a quick dip in the heated pool with hydrojets and counter-current.

Historic Burgundy

A private tour of the beautiful city of Beaune will open your eyes to the rich historical past of the area. Learn about the history of the half timbered houses, the towers, bastions and convents as well as hidden inner courtyards and secret gardens.

On other private tours you may discover the influence of Benedictine and Cistercian monks in the area and visit thought-provoking abbeys and churches in the little villages that are dotted all over Burgundy.

There is an abundance of outstanding historical landmarks in Burgundy. The private tours we can arrange will take you off the beaten tourist track to experience the best of them with a local expert. You’ll leave Burgundy with a greater appreciation of local life in the area in days gone by.


This wellbeing and history in Burgundy outline itinerary combines unique spa treatments with some therapy for your mind into the bargain.

You may not know about the therapeutic effects of fruit and how grapes can be used in so much more than wine-making.

Enjoy the full benefits of this and other fruits in unusual wellbeing treatments in spas located in the Burgundy winemaking area.

Then, nourish your mind in the company of an expert local guide as you visit unforgettable historic sights that will help you understand what has made Burgundy the great region it is today.


On your first day in Beaune you will discover a fabulous spa facility set right in the heart of the Medieval old town. If you have skin issues then 20 minutes in a barrel of gently warmed grape juice will be just the ticket.

The Pinot Noir grape variety, for which Burgundy is so famous ,contains the highest concentration of antioxidants and also polyphenols and resveratrol in their skins and seeds. You are sure to feel the benefits.

Enjoy also a body scub using grape seeds or an invigorating massage followed by a session in the jacuzzi or sauna.

After all of that, take a wonder around the old streets browsing the quaint shops and admiring the old buildings of which you will learn more on tomorrow's guided history tour.

Enjoy the company of private guide on a 2-3h tour of Beaune, city of art and architecture from the Middle ages, the Renaissance period and the 1900s.

A visit to the Hospices de Beaune has to be on your itinerary as its history will fascinate you. You'll also visit the the beautiful collegial church of Notre Dame, convents and towers as well as explore the history of hidden courtyards and gardens.

Prepare to be enlightened as to the enormous beneficial effects that so many soft fruits can have on your skin.

At a stunning chateau spa facility in the heart of the Burgundy vineyards, treat yourself to a fruit-based skin treatment that will be especially designed to meet your needs and to help with any ongoing skin conditions you may have.

Continue the pampering on this wellness break with a session in the swimming pool or maybe in the sauna or jacuzzi.

Round off your day with a restaurant meal that focusses on the very best local seasonal produce in the area.

Let our expert local guide whisk you away to explore the pretty towns and villages that dot the Burgundy countryside.

The Benedictine and Cistercian religious orders left a deep mark on this area and a visit to the amazing Abbey of Fontenay is sure to leave a lasting impression on you.

Move on to explore the pretty medieval village of Flavigny-sur-Ozerain which is renowned for its production of aniseed and also its intact 9th century crypt.

Other visits will depend on your interests which you can discuss with the guide on the day.


  • Your own personal hand-crafted itinerary
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  • Reservations for spa treatments
  • Guides services where appropriate
  • Local tourist information to ensure you get the most out of your stay
  • Our personal attention and a dedicated phone number throughout your stay

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